Review: Blood of the Cybermen (PC)


As a game, I didn’t love the first episode of The Adventure Games, but I do love Doctor Who enough to keep going on through the game series for some more stories from Series 5. The next episode up for review is Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, Episode 2: Blood of the Cybermen!



Blood of the Cybermen takes place after the first episode, City of the Daleks. However, they are not related to one another. This story is standalone, just like the last one was. Blood of the Cybermen, as you can probably guess, also stars The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. The episode starts out with scientists in the Arctic Circle uncovering a Cybermat from under the ice. It attacks and starts to turn all of the scientists at the base into Cyberslaves. One man named Chisholm escapes. Someone sends out an S.O.S. that The Doctor receives on board the TARDIS. The Doctor and Amy head to the Arctic to investigate. Can they stop the Cyberslaves from awakening the frozen army of Cybermen?

I’ve got to say that the plot in Blood of the Cybermen was a bit predictable. It was still very Doctor Who-like, but it wasn’t as compelling or original as the show or even the first episode of this game series. Frozen aliens in the Arctic? I’ve heard of that plot before plenty of times. There was even an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise where the Arctic scientists discover frozen Borg (if you don’t know, they’re like the Cybermen of Star Trek) in the ice. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun plot, it’s just not as good as it could be.

As far as characters go, the supporting characters weren’t much to speak about in this episode or the last one. The Doctor and Amy are great, but I think that all of the good episodes on the show usually have good supporting/guest characters. I didn’t really notice it in the last episode, but I did this time. The Doctor and Amy don’t really learn anything new or have any character growth in this episode (or the last one). It’s all very straight forward. They’re the same characters that you love in the show, just don’t expect them to be as deep as they can be at times on the show. So far things have been very light-hearted. Have some laughs and save the day with The Doctor and Amy.




The gameplay might be slightly improved this time. I don’t think that they really changed anything about the controls, though; so, I’m thinking that maybe I just got used to the controls a bit. The style of gameplay is still point and click, as I mentioned in the previous review. This episode also has the player alternating between playing as Amy and The Doctor, which I liked. I did like the puzzles a bit more in this episode, if only because they were slightly more challenging. Another thing that I liked was that the collectible cards carry over through the episodes, so you can build up your collection as you go through them all.


Bottom Line


The gameplay is still pretty bloody awful in Blood of the Cybermen. The story carries the game again, but it’s not quite as interesting as City of the Daleks, in my opinion. I don’t feel like I wasted my time or money on this episode (or the last one), but I would probably never play them again. So, my recommendation is that if you’re a big Doctor Who fan who can manage through some bad gameplay, you should check this episode out for the story. Just don’t expect to like it enough for multiple playthroughs. Some perspective once again, these are all free games to citizens of the U.K. For a free game, this is pretty darn good. For a cheap game, it’s alright.

Rhodes Rating: 70/100

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