News: Enterprise Season 5 Campaign


Is it really possible that Star Trek: Enterprise may get a 5th season, 8 years later? It’s been a long time, but is their time finally near? Apparently, there is a chance, even if it is a slim one. The campaign is to get either a 5th season or a movie made for Netflix. The campaign is on Facebook and was created by “Trek writer Rob Bolivar and Doug Drexler (VFX guru and designer of the NX-01)”.

This story is from IGN and they have an interesting quote from the Facebook campaign:

“A short while ago, [Enterprise EP] Brannon Braga mentioned  that with enough support, it’s possible that Netflix could resurrect Enterprise for future seasons or perhaps a movie,” Bolivar said. “We took that to heart and started our campaign.”

I’m all for it, but I for one am skeptical that anything will happen. It just seems like a stretch to get everyone back and for everything to come together to make this work out. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it does work out, though! One thing, I wonder if the fact that Enterprise begins it’s trek to blu-ray this month has anything to do with the resurgence of interest? PS. They’re seriously overcharging for that sucker. It’s $80 at Walmart! I digress.

I really did like Enterprise. It is my least favorite Star Trek, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good series. The series did start off slow, but they were cancelled right when they found their groove. Apparently had been planning Season 5, when they were cancelled.

Some of those lost plans can be found on Wiki:

“At the time of its cancellation, planning for a proposed fifth season of Enterprise was underway. Most details of this never-made season come from comments made by producer Manny Coto who in 2009 stated that two arcs of this season might have been to show the ‘origins of the Federation’ and ‘whispers of the Romulan war’, and consequently, the Romulans would have been the major villains of the season.

Coto also stated that had the series been given a fifth season, the recurring Andorian character of Shran might have joined the Enterprise in an advisory role.

Other possible plans for the season included: an episode showing the construction of the first starbase; a Borg Queen origins story with Alice Krige as a Starfleet medical technician who makes contact with the Borg from Season 2’s “Regeneration” and becomes the Borg Queen, and a Mirror Universe arc spanning four or five episodes.

There were also hopes for an episode in which T’Pol would finally meet her father and discover that he was in fact a Romulan agent who had posed as a Vulcan officer prior to faking his own death.[citation needed]/[speculation?] The revelation that T’Pol was half-Romulan would have shed light on her affinity for humanity and as well as her interest in experimenting with emotions.”

I would like to see some or all of those ideas come to fruition, especially more Romulans and more Shran!

I think a lot of this want for more Enterprise stems from the Series Finale. They made the whole episode into a flashback viewed by Commander Riker in the Holodeck during Star Trek: The Next Generation. I love TNG, but it was not the right choice. Just like the AT&T kids, we want more, but we also want a good ending. So, like I said, I’m all aboard for this campaign. Bring Enterprise to Netflix, if even for just a movie!


Sources: IGN, Wiki

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